Air from Moon in a Funny Quart Gift can with Screw Cap. Hilarious Gag, Novelty or Collectible Gift for Dad, Mom, Men, Women, Husband, Wife. (Moon)

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Can you be different, Can you be memorable, Can you be funny?  Yes! With our cans you can! 


Is this a gift, a home decor item, a gag or joke, a collectible, artwork, a conversation piece, book ends, candle or pencil holder, storage container, laugh generator or pseudo-canned air from a outer space?  It's all the above and more... it's for the person that has almost everything and needs nothing.  It's for the gift giver that needs a great gift but doesn't know what to give.  There's a unique air of quality about this can! It's out of this world yet looks great any where you might display it! 


① Tin Plated Mirror Finished Steel Can 4 1/4" X 4 7/8" (diameter x height) with threaded steel cap 1 3/4" opening. 

② Designer Label is high Gloss, high Quality. Easy self-apply to can via sure-fit peel-n-stick strips at label ends. 


One Label-Ready Empty Decorative Can with 3 Easy-to-Apply Label Choices (pick the one label you want to use or get extra cans to create a Planetary Air collection) 

  • NOVELTY DESIGNER CANS have become collector items for many of our Can Fans. They initially appear real, as if planetary air from a distant galactic outpost has been canned and brought back to earth by NASA. But as you, your guest or the gift recipient explores the can details, the humor becomes overwhelmingly hilarious.
  • ENJOY LONG TERM BENEFITS: Planetary air is not a prank, or one-off joke. Quite the contrary, it is a lasting work of modern art, a collectable, a conversation piece, something you'll be proud to place on your coffee table, a book shelf, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath room or office. Every time you or your guests explore a can, new curiosities and humor will be discovered.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER: The perfect gift or party favor for Office parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, Reunions, House Warnings, Corporate events, Anniversary gift, Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Bar Mitzvah, Incentive Events, Cocktail Parties and beyond.
  • A FUN TWIST ON GIFTING, DECORATING OR COLLECTING: These cans are memorable, enduring, a high quality and unique keepsake to proudly share and display. Perfect for ages 8 to 108! We guarantee our Novelty Gift or Collector Cans will be the talk of any occasion as each can is passed from person to person... YES, BE PREPARED! Get your camera ready as curious faces burst into smiles and laughter.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our Cans are the perfect size for gift , display or storage. Leave it empty or fill with sand, water, dirt, marbles, beads, dried beans, flowers, doggie treats, candy or any small item. This is a Tin Plated Steel Can with mirror-like finish and threaded steel screw cap. Labels come separate and are easy to apply "Sure-fit" with Peel-n-Stick strips on High Gloss Designer Paper. PLEASE NOTE. This is a novelty product containing one can and a 3-pack label set.